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CAFA is the only national network of Certified Ag Farm Advisors.

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CAFA advisors maintain high standards while continually increasing farm advisory skills and knowledge intended to provide measurable value to their farm clients.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Inspiring farm advisors with new skills and knowledge and afarm-focused professional network.
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CURRENT, CONNECTED Conferences 2014-2015

Woodstock, ON: June 4 -- Quality Inn

Brent Van Parys & Hali VanVliet, BDO SuccessCare Program:  Building & Transitioning Three Ttypes of Capital

Karl Volkmar, Southern Crop Protection and Food Research:  The Direction of Federal Research in the Science and Technology Branch

John Mill, Succession Tax Council:  Capital Gains Deductions and Rollovers for Farmers

Gary VanBolderen, Dutch Builders, VP Council of Ontario Construction & Chair, Canadian Farm Builders

Naomi Loewith, Lenczner Slaght:  Strategic Advice for Avoiding &
 Managing Legal Disputes

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“CAFA is the nationally recognized organization for professional farm advisors. CAFA advisors maintain high standards while continually increasing farm advisory skills and knowledge intended to provide measurable value to their farm clients.”
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"CAFA is a great benefit to my clients. I’m able to get to know other CAFA members by attending meetings and conferences. I learn how they interact with other professionals. It is important to me and my clients that a farm advisor is not only knowledgeable but must be willing to work as a team player for the best interest of the farm clients.  CAFA meetings are a great place to learn about what is new and who to go to for answers.

                When I introduce clients to a CAFA advisor, I know they will be well looked after, this only increase the trust my client places in me as their primary advisor. It is great to be able to say I don’t know but I do know who does!!”

  Stan MacEwen, Laskowski Wright, Saskatoon  

"Farmers are looking for expert advice more often to help them with the complexities they face in running their business.  CAFA provides a medium for these experts to better understand how each of us can make our clients better off.  I regularly reach out to my CAFA colleagues to leverage their expertise when my clients have a need I cannot satisfy. It’s win-win-win."
        Kim Gerencser, K.Ag. Growing Farm Profits Inc., Regina

"CAFA has provided an excellent networking opportunity for me in the Winnipeg and Steinbach chapters. Getting to meet other CANADIAN FARM ADVISORS in different fields has given me good value. The speakers during the chapter meetings were very helpful and provided good insight to various and very timely topics.”

      Joerg Zimmermann,  ZimAg Advisors Ltd. within Agri-Trend Network, Winnipeg

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